Brave Women Brave Icy Seas To Save Dolphin Trapped Between Rocks

Three courageous women braved the ice-cold waters of the English Channel to rescue a dolphin that had become trapped in a rock gulley. The trio, Amy Walker, Carrie Warrior, and Sarah Gale, were previously out for a walk along Rock-A-Nore Beach in East Sussex when they spotted a flock of unusual hovering seagulls near the rocks.

Upon closer inspection, they discovered a distressed dolphin and quickly sprang into action to try to save the aquatic mammal from further harm.

The women spent over 20 minutes wrestling with the strong currents and choppy waves, trying to free the distressed dolphin, which they initially mistook for a shark. However, with perseverance and determination, they were eventually able to turn the creature and release it safely back into the water.

Throughout the ordeal, the women were getting knocked over, but they acted promptly to pick each other up and ensure the dolphin suffered no more stress.

Ms. Warrior recalls that the rescue mission was a two-woman job, but they both played a crucial role in the operation. They had to maneuver the dolphin, trying not to stress it out even further. Ms. Walker further explains that it was challenging to get a footing on the sea bed because of the rocks, making the rescue mission even more complicated.

She said, “The sea was rough, and we couldn’t get a sure footing on the seabed because of the rocks. The tide was coming in, so we were getting knocked over and having to pick each other up, as well as trying not to stress the dolphin even more.”

The women team up to save animals

The team of women comprises local rounders player from Hastings Rounders. They explain they were out for a Christmas walk when they noticed the stranded dolphin, which they later discovered was a porpoise.

They shared that they thought it was a shark initially but became anxious after noticing it was thrashing around helplessly. Before they knew it, Ms. Walker had thrown her coat to Ms. Gale and jumped right into the water, followed quickly by Ms. Warrior.

The women had to run against time to rescue the porpoise. They could tell that time was fast running out for it. Amy had read something about not approaching beached animals, and they were trying to google it, but the signal was poor, Sarah Gale revealed.

But then Amy said, “Hold my coat,” and before we knew it, they were in the water, she added. The rescue mission was a big win for the Hastings Rounders team. Ms. Gale, who could not join in the rescue mission but captured the photos, says that Sarah Warrior had been looking for the courage to go for a swim earlier.

The dolphin swims safely away

Throughout the rescue operation, the women were getting battered by choppy waves, but they continued to fight to ensure the safety of the distressed dolphin. Once they were able to free it, the dolphin swam safely away toward Bexhill, west of Hastings.

Ms. Warrior, a regular sea swimmer, advised people to avoid swimming in the seas at this time of year and to seek professional advice before approaching wild animals.

In summary, the courage of Amy Walker, Carrie Warrior, and Sarah Gale is commendable, given that they put their lives on the line to save a distressed creature. They showed that empathy, bravery, and a willingness to act in the face of danger can make a difference. Their actions should inspire all of us to do more to protect sea creatures and other vulnerable animals.

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