Australian Coast Witnesses Unique Sighting Of Homosexual Dolphins

A team of scientists from the Mandurah Dolphin Research Project in Western Australia has observed Bottlenose dolphins engaging in what they described as “homosexual behavior” after the mating season is over. The researchers noticed that male dolphins were “mounting” and having genital contact with each other in groups, forming and reforming in different compositions.

The behavior is typical of Bottlenose dolphins, which are usually found in tropical oceans and warm waters around the world.

Studies of the Bottlenose dolphin population in Shark Bay, Western Australia, have also revealed evidence of a social hierarchy and bisexual behavior. According to Krista Nicholson of Murdoch University, apart from homosexual behavior, males in Shark Bay are more likely to mate for life than females or dolphins of different genders.

Homosexual behavior also plays a role in establishing dominance among male dolphins, cementing social bonds.

Dolphin expert Janet Mann, who has spent decades observing dolphins in Shark Bay, suggests in her book that homosexual contact between male dolphins is “practice” for mating season. Ms. Mann also suggests that the behavior serves multiple functions, including “fitness” and “alliance formation.”

The research team led by Ms. Nicholson is excited to record the similarities between Mandurah and Shark Bay dolphins, which will further help their research into how and why the homosexual behavior occurs. Observing another group of dolphins in the same area exhibiting the same behavior will provide valuable insights into the social behavior of these intelligent marine mammals.

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