Uпveiling Roпaldo’s 6 ‘Goldeп’ Meals

Maintaining peak physical condition is crucial for professional athletes, and Cristiano Ronaldo is no exception. Alongside rigorous training, the Portuguese superstar’s diet is an essential factor in keeping his health at its best level.

According to Insider, at 38 years old, Ronaldo consumes up to six meals a day, with a total energy intake of around 3,200 calories. This eating routine has been maintained by him for many years.

Ronaldo’s first breakfast consists of ham, cheese, and yoghurts, followed by an additional breakfast after his training session, typically consisting of bread and butter.

Ronaldo’s next meal usually starts at 2 pm, with his first meal being chicken salad, followed by fish, eggs, and salad. Cod is Ronaldo’s favorite food, and he consumes it directly with bread.

During the 2014 World Cup, the Portuguese team’s logistics team had to bring 200 kg of cod from his home country to Brazil just to satisfy Ronaldo’s hobby and the “European Seleccao” stars.

Cod continues to appear in two of Ronaldo’s dinners, but he has added two dishes, including tuna and beef, to his diet. To implement this strict diet, Ronaldo has a personal chef.

Foods containing high amounts of sugar and fat, such as donuts and French fries, are restricted in the camp of the “Red Devils.” Moreover, Ronaldo also loads a large amount of minerals and vitamins by drinking filtered water and fruit juice.

Carbonated soft drinks or alcoholic beverages are taboo for CR7. At EURO 2020, he did not hesitate to remove the sponsor’s soft drinks from the press conference table, advising everyone to drink water instead.

In conclusion, Cristiano Ronaldo’s strict diet is an integral part of his athletic success. Alongside his rigorous training regime, his scientific approach to nutrition has enabled him to maintain peak physical condition, allowing him to continue to play at the highest level at the age of 38.


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