The trutҺ behind 64 mүsтeгious tattoos on Ibrahimovic’s body

n recent days, a lot of attention has been drawn to the fɑct that Swedish striker Ibrahimovic is going to put on a Manchester United shirt at the request of the team’s new coach, Mourinho.

Ibrahimovic has a long history of being interested in tattoo art, as evidenced by the extensive collection of tattoos that cover his body in a crisscrossing pattern. On the other hand, nobody really knows what these tattoos are supposed to signify.

The former player for Paris Saint-Germain has stated, in his book titled “I am Zlatan,” that he had conceded that tattooing is one of the effective medications for psychological ᴅɪsᴇᴀsᴇ. Ibrahimovic ʀᴇᴠᴇᴀʟᴇᴅ that even purchasing an expensive Ferrari Enzo was not enough to make him happy; rather, the only thing that made him truly content was getting a tattoo of a meaningful shape. He remarked, “I used to envision horrible things to not be enchanted, but in the end I was still lured by those tattoos.” “I used to imagine bad things in order to not be enchanted.”

1. Right Wrist: This tattoo consists of various numbers. Those numbers are called “Ibrahimovic codes”, it relates to the birth dates of Ibra ᴍᴇɴ such as father Sefik, brother Sapko, Aleksander and the date on which his two beloved sons (Maximilian, 9 years old, Vince, 8 years old) was born.

2. Right arm: The upper part of his right arm, Ibrahimovic has tattooed the names of his two sons in Arabic.

3. Right biceps: Your father’s name. In his autobiography, Ibra once wrote that he and his father saved up money to buy a bed and had to carry it home themselves because they couldn’t pay for the delivery service.

4. Right flank: The trump card. It means good luck. It also has a heart and an “H” on it, which is said to stand for “Helena Seger”, Ibra’s wife.

5. Right abdoᴍᴇɴ: Red dragon, symbol of brave warrior in Japanese culture.

6. Left wrist: Jurka’s mother and sister Sanela’s birthday. The names of the woᴍᴇɴ in Zlatan’s life are tattooed on the left side, as they are closer to his heart.

7. Left biceps: His mother’s name in Arabic.

8. Middle of abdoᴍᴇɴ: This is the first tattoo on the body of the 34-year-old striker. It is in a discreet position, and it is tattooed with white ink, so it is only visible when the skin is dark. “It is considered an experiᴍᴇɴtal tattoo. Only God can judge me. I love it. Each person chooses their own path to go and I choose to tattoo meaningful things on my body,” – Ibrahimovic shared.

9. Left shoulder blade: The swimming koi has the same meaning as “the carp that crosses the dance”. In addition, this color is reminiscent of fish living in the wild, not being raised in ponds like red, orange carp…

10. Lower back: This is a famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci, entitled “The Vitruvius”.

11. Right shoulder blade: Eagle feather, symbolizing strength and courage.

12. Right arm: Maori tribal symbol for protection and good luck.

13. Right shoulder blade: Tattoo of a Buddhist monk called Yant Prajao Khao Nirote. This master protects you from suffering.

14. Spine: A symbol of Buddhism representing the five eleᴍᴇɴts Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, universe, and creation.

In addition, there are 50 names scattered all over Ibrahimovic’s body. Those are the names of the poor and starving. This is how the former PSG star used to support the United Nations World Food Program (WFP). WFP has been helping more than 805 million poor people around the world and Ibra has selected the 50 most representative names to tattoo on their body.

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