The Glazers Are Ruining MU

The delays and troubles in changing owners of Manchester United only make this team more difficult before the 2023/24 season. The 0-1 loss to Brighton shows that the MU squad still has to improve a lot in the 2023/24 season.

The summer transfer market will be an opportunity for coach Erik ten Hag to do that. However, the Dutch strategist can hardly calculate anything when at the top of MU, everything is still in disarray.

The deadline for bids to buy Manchester United passed on April 28. It should be remembered that the Glazer family, the owner of the “Red Devils” gave the partners more time, after two unsuccessful bids in February and March.

Nothing was revealed after this third bid, who “Red Devils” fans will be welcoming the new boss. Two potential partners and also the most noisy in the acquisition of MU, Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad al-Thani and Jim Ratcliffe, offer two prices that are believed to be lower than the £6 billion Glazer wants.

MU anh 1

The plans to develop MU and upgrade Old Trafford from the Prince of Qatar and businessman Sir Jim Ratcliffe do not mean much to the Glazer family. What they need is a good resale price. Intention of the person who wants to buy

For months, Sheikh Jassim and Ratcliffe would “shoot” the press and send out the message that they would not pay the sky-high prices the Glazers wanted. These two billionaires also did not hesitate to reveal their “pink” plan to MU fans in the newspaper,

that they want to save resources for investing in MU if the process of changing owners is complete. The offer of Ratcliffe, who identifies himself as a MU fan since childhood, is “want to make Manchester United the top club in the world again”. If you look at the football-related achievements of the British businessman, MU fans may not be impressed by this promise.

Nhà Glazer, Man Utd và cuộc kháng chiến chống Mỹ

In 2019, after taking over Nice, Ratcliffe also promised to make the French club stronger. After three years, what the 70-year-old businessman has done for Nice is just to help this club become more famous in England by bringing in Ross Barkley or Aaron Ramsey. In Ligue 1 2022/23, Nice is ranked 9th on the rankings.

But Ratcliffe is nonetheless a native and has experience in managing a football club. Meanwhile, Sheikh Jassim remains a mysterious name to many fans of the king sport. The Guardian revealed that it was not possible to know the exact age of the President of the Islamic Bank of Qatar, even after contacting the media team working for him.

The biggest hope for MU fans is that if Sheikh Jassim successfully buys the “Red Devils”, he will invest in the club like his Qatari compatriots do at PSG. However, can MU expect Sheikh Jassim like the current owners of PSG? It should be remembered that Sheikh Jassim is still negotiating with the Glazers and can completely lose to Ratcliffe.

No one knows the specific intentions of Sheikh Jassim and Ratcliffe in “pressing prices” on the Glazer family in the past time. The marketplace is a battlefield, and it is clear that the parties involved have their own tricks to gain benefits. Most importantly, they are all making preparations for coach Erik ten Hag’s new season difficult.

Avram and Joel Glazer should be embarrassed by new Manchester United  takeover development - Steven Railston - Manchester Evening News

MU fans are impatient
When MU beat Aston Villa 1-0 in the 34th round of the Premier League last weekend, the banners and boos for the Glazers continued to be chanted. Fans of the “Red Devils” are impatient with the club’s slow and obscure change of owners. It seems that MU fans don’t care about which of Ratcliffe or Sheikh Jassim wins, they just want to get out of the Glazer house as soon as possible.

The Glazers have ruled at Old Trafford for 17 years, since they bought the club with financial leverage for £ 790 million in 2005. Avram and his brother Joel are key figures in the management of the club.

Over the years, the Glazer family received a lot of criticism for just wanting to extract from the team. Over the past decade, no owner in the Premier League has made more money from his club than the Glazers.

Since 2013, the Glazer family has received an amount of £ 154 million thanks to owning MU. This includes a £133m dividend and a £21m share sale. MU is the only Premier League club to pay dividends to their shareholders, mostly in the Glazer family’s pocket. Most of the remaining owners of Premier League clubs spend large sums of money on the clubs they own.

MU Vs Sevilla: Kala Setan Merah Menjegal Diri Sendiri

Those numbers are enough to make MU fans angry with club owners. The way the Glazers value MU to £6 billion is also considered difficult to buy the team. British financial expert, Kieran Maguire, said: “The valuation of a club depends on factors other than numbers.

However, a bid of £6 billion is illogical when MU’s real value has not yet been established. That’s half that number. That’s not to mention the Glazer family has a lot of debt while running MU.”

If the Glazers do not agree to sell MU soon, the Old Trafford team will have a lot of difficulties in buying players in the summer transfer window of 2023. Because of the plan to strengthen the force in the summer transfer window.


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