When looking at the position that the screen has been able to achieve, along with the distance that they have created with the group after two weeks, it seems that everything has been sorted out for the Red Devils.

All that is left to do is wait for the official ticket to the next season’s Champions League and the FA Cup final in June. Everything could only go downhill if Manchester United decides to shoot themselves in the foot with a few stray shots – more than three, to be precise.

If you wanted to witness another dramatic chase at the end of the season, in just a few days they missed two penalty kicks from Mark Alista, and the 99th minute could be considered an unlucky moment. But the game was reversed against WhatsApp, showing that the club has problems at the very moment of preparing for the end of the tournament this season.

However, one thing Americanat did well was turn the Austral Park into a proud sanctuary for Manchester United fans. The supporters were willing to pay for the ticket just to watch their favorite team’s fantastic games in the theater of their dreams.

This could be considered the best football service that the Red Devils provide for their fans, with emotional experiences at this stadium second only to Old Trafford, which has earned the highest scores for its team with 12 wins and three draws, making a total of 39 points.

But unlike Manchester City, the difference between them lies in their away form. Until now, Manchester United has not won a single match away from home against teams in the top 9 of the Premier League. They have only gained one point when they held Tottenham to a draw of 2-2.

Broadly speaking, they have only won 6 out of 33 points against the top 12 teams in the Premier League when playing away from home. This means that they were unable to beat Chelsea and Crystal Palace, and even suffered a defeat to the team ranked 15th on the table, losing 0-4 to Everton.

Even the direct opponent for relegation like Newcastle was able to overcome Manchester United with a score of 2-0 at Sentral Park. Despite putting pressure on their opponents in the first half with 6 shots on target, the Red Devils failed to find the net of the Lucas Tianski’s team.

Afterwards, it was the moment when the Manchester United defense was caught off guard and let Drama dribble and shoot…

In conclusion, inconsistency remains a significant problem for Manchester United, especially in away games, where they have struggled to find their form. Despite having an impressive home record, they need to improve their performances on the road if they want to achieve greater success in the future.


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