Ronaldo’s Method Of Teaching Children: Parents Can Do These 5 Things, Children Will Grow Up Not Inferior To “other People’s Children”

Cristiano Ronaldo, also known as “CR7” by fans, has won the Ballon d’Or five times and is one of the most famous footballers of the 21st century. However, few know that the 37-year-old Ronaldo has already won the Ballon d’Or. father of 4 children.

CR7’s eldest son, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr, has become the best player of the school team, displaying outstanding sports talent. The boy is expected to become the next Ronaldo of world football. Many people may think that the children of the “soccer king” must be more talented, high achievements are inevitable, but is that true? Let’s take a look at Ronaldo’s parenting experience.

Create the best conditions for your child’s development

Ronaldo really cares about him and his family. He always makes sure to dedicate the best educational resources to his children and the cost of living is naturally sky-high. To ensure the safety of Ronaldo Jr, Ronaldo even hired bodyguards to take the boy.

Some parents are too “thrifty” in creating conditions for their children’s development. It must be emphasized that you do not necessarily give your child the best in the world, but should give him the best development conditions within the scope of the economy!

Let’s give children companionship

Parents are willing to accompany their children. However, many parents, because they are busy with work, send their children to grandparents. Yes, you want to make money, you are very busy, but can your day job be busier than training and competing all day like Ronaldo?

On weekdays, no matter how busy he is, Ronaldo still finds time to take care of and play with his children. Even when going to competitions or training, he still communicates with his children via video at recess.

In this way, Ronaldo not only has no distance with his children, but the children also know that their father, no matter how tired, is ready to talk to them. This makes the father-son relationship always close and comfortable.

Teach your children with both words and actions

Although Ronaldo is 37 years old, his physique is no different from a young man in his 20s. This is the result of hard training and self-discipline and strictness in his diet.

CR7’s eldest son, less than ten years old, also has an admirable height and toned body. The boy thinks that working out hard is something that his father does every day, so it must be a good thing and should be studied.

Many parents on the one hand ask their children to study hard but on the other hand go to the bedroom to watch TV. This is a mistake that many parents often make. We must understand that teaching children with words, deeds and studying with them is the only way to teach children really effectively.

Encourage children to learn to be independent

This seems to contradict Article 1. On the one hand, do you create the best conditions for your child, and on the other hand, do you require your child to be independent? This is exactly what Ronaldo did.

There is a widely circulated story that Cristiano Ronaldo Jr once wanted Ronaldo to buy himself a branded mobile phone but unexpectedly Ronaldo refused. He told his children that money or any kind of luxury goods do not come naturally, we have to work hard on our own to get what we want.

It is such a concept of parenting that has made CR7’s son not arrogant about his family background, he always devotes all his energy to study and practice seriously and become better than his peers. .

Respect children and teach them patience

Nowadays, due to so much pressure, many parents are very impatient with their children’s upbringing. Always say words that reduce your child’s enthusiasm and curiosity: “You are too young to understand anything” or “what does a child know” and other words.

Ronaldo often watches matches with his children, sometimes teaches Ronaldo Jr how to take a penalty kick. Instead of interrupting and denying his son, Ronaldo listened and discussed carefully, making him very motivated, not only improving the father-son relationship but also helping him to be interested in new knowledge.

We may not have the amazing talent of Ronaldo, or the wealth of the king of football family, but we can learn a lot of things that we may not know from the method of raising children of superstar. this star.


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