Paul Pogba Buys A New Apartment, Is David Beckham’s Neighbor

French football star Paul Pogba has just bought a luxury apartment at the One Thousand Museum building in Miami, Florida, USA around mid-May 2020.

Paul Pogba anh 1

Pogba’s Miami apartment is located quite close to the newly purchased apartments of former player David Beckham and another Manchester United player, Alexis Sanchez.

Paul Pogba anh 2

Large, luxurious living room, surrounded by glass walls brings natural light and rich scenery.

Paul Pogba anh 3

The elegant, small, open-plan dining area is a place where homeowners can both enjoy meals and immerse themselves in the streetscape.

Every space in the apartment is decorated in an elegant way. Hardwood floors both create a luxurious look and evoke a feeling of warmth.

Paul Pogba anh 4

Potted green plants are arranged throughout the apartment to create a cool space with a feeling of closeness to nature.

Paul Pogba anh 5

Most of the space in the apartment is dressed in a dominant white tone to bring serenity and gentleness. The kitchen is fully equipped with modern cooking tools.

The family room is simple, with little fancy furniture, bringing a close and cozy atmosphere.

Paul Pogba anh 6

The large master bedroom, filled with natural light, is adorned with many elegant furniture.

The main bathroom with high-class amenities is uniquely designed so that homeowners can both soak and enjoy the view.

Paul Pogba anh 9

The apartment also has many interesting spaces to receive guests.

As a resident of the One Thousand Museum building, Paul Pogba will have access to facilities such as a gym, swimming pool, and bar.


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