Mother Elephant Creates Wooden Baby Elephant In Memory Of Deceased Calf

Jacque Notareal, a tourist on a picnic, was lucky enough to witness a very special moment of a mother elephant. Sadly, a baby elephant had been eaten by a herd of lions due to human carelessness. Witnessing the heartbreaking scene with her own eyes, Jacque could feel the immense sadness the mother elephant had to endure.

Each roar and scream of the animal that lost “a part of its body” was enough to break everyone’s heart. However, what happened next was truly remarkable.

Jacque captured the event and shared her images and story with, which quickly gained popularity for its touching and remarkable nature. According to Jacque, “It was a heartbreaking scene to witness, the mother elephant mourning the loss of her calf to a lion pride.

The sadness in her eyes and the trumpeting calls she made were enough to break anyone’s heart. However, what happened next was truly remarkable.”

After the calf’s death, Jacque noticed that the mother elephant had built a structure out of sticks that resembled her baby. It was a touching gesture that demonstrated the lengths to which the mother elephant was willing to go to honor and remember her little one.

Elephants are known for their close-knit family units, and this mother’s actions showed just how much she loved her baby and how intelligent and emotional elephants can be.

The structure was not just a random pile of sticks, but a carefully arranged structure that looked like her little one. The mother elephant spent hours creating the structure, and when she was finished, she would stay close to it for hours on end.

For several days, the mother elephant stayed close to the structure, carefully tending to it and making loud trumpets that echoed across the bush. As the days went on, the mother elephant gradually began to move on, but she never forgot her calf.

Whenever she walked by the structure, she would stop and pay her respects, as if saying goodbye to her baby all over again. This touching story shows how much love and emotion elephants can have and how intelligent and empathetic they are.

As the largest land animal on Earth, most people think of elephants as slow, sluggish creatures. However, they are one of the most intelligent animals in the world and have ways of expressing their emotions and intelligence that are equally surprising.

This story of a mother elephant’s love and dedication to her baby reminds us of the incredible emotional and intellectual capacity of these animals.

In summary, the story of the mother elephant who built a structure out of sticks to commemorate her dead baby has touched the hearts of many people around the world. The love and dedication she showed to her baby demonstrate the incredible emotional and intellectual capacity of elephants and remind us of the importance of protecting these amazing animals.

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