Man United, be careful! This is just a small warning against your upcoming match with Brighton. You don’t have to go through another life or death match. This is a game that you just need to try your best and earn points at the stadium, as Brighton has not lost any games against the Red Devils in this official season.

Of course, being warned is not easy, as the two teams started the game with as much energy as possible. From the chance of Anthony, to Mitoma’s chance, Bruno’s shot, and another breakthrough from Mitoma, it was a truly thrilling attacking game from both sides. It seemed like there could be an early banquet of goals, but that didn’t happen.

Most of the first 45 minutes saw the away team having more chances. They had more opportunities that could have really shaken Brighton’s net, but their finishing was lacking a bit of sharpness.

Of course, the Red Devils also had to be careful about utilizing the opponent’s high defensive line for counter-attacks, where Mitoma could be considered the most dangerous threat against One Piece Saka.

ESPNUK’s commentator also had to acknowledge Pintoma and Wanbi Saka’s battle, which we could watch all day, with Mitoma’s speed and dribbling ability still too scary, while Sapa, although not playing well as in the previous game, was still a tough opponent for the Japanese player.

The goalkeepers of both teams played extremely well to preserve the scoreline with the saves made in critical moments. However, having many chances but failing to convert them into goals put the Red Devils in a deadlock.

The reaction of Brighton in the first 40 minutes of the second half showed that the home team was better prepared than their opponents. We can easily see that United is not the best team when playing under pressure in any area of ​​the field.

Ragged Man Utd are sleepwalking towards disaster! Winners & losers as  Brighton defeat sets off top-four alarm bells with Liverpool lurking | US

Even Casimiro made mistakes under the pressure created by Brighton in midfield when he tried to escape the pressing, but his teammates above, like Freet, were not really confident in holding the ball. You can see the energy of Brighton when they define their ball possession and they understand the challenge of facing the pressing in this season.

Fans baffled by Antony avoiding a red card as Brighton beat Man Utd with  99th minute winner

In this context, the only human being that brings joy and excitement to the people is the coach. He must find a way to help his team out of this impasse. United needs to take this warning seriously and make appropriate adjustments before their next game.

They need to improve their finishing, especially in critical moments, and overcome their fear of playing under pressure. Only then can they truly compete against the best teams and bring joy to their fans.


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