Man United Hero Marcus Rashford Мoves His Mum To Luxury £800,000 Pad In Leafy Suburb

Manchester United’s young striker, Marcus Rashford, has recently moved his mum and two brothers to a luxurious £800,000 mansion in the Wythenshawe suburb of the city.

The 18-year-old football star grew up in the area and wanted to give his family a more comfortable lifestyle after earning a weekly salary of £25,000. The mansion is just three miles away from their previous home, but the change in scenery couldn’t be more drastic.

Moving from an urban estate to a grand, green mansion with six bedrooms, sumptuous bathrooms, and even a sauna, the Rashford family is living in the lap of luxury. The property also boasts a double garage, large garden area, and a first-floor laundry room, making it an ideal living space for the family.

 Marcus Rashford splashes the cash as he moves mum to an £800,000 house

Although Rashford is currently only renting the mansion from his mum and two brothers for a staggering fee of £5,000 per month, the England forward is reportedly building a secret £1million home in an undisclosed location, looking for a more permanent residence.

Rashford’s mum, Melanie, has always been supportive of her son’s career, and after his incredible rise to fame last season, she insisted that he stays grounded, even after becoming an instant hero for both United and England.

 The interior of the house Marcus Rashford moved his mum to is as incredible as the outside

According to Rashford’s former coach at his youth club, Fletcher Moss Rangers, Dave Horrocks, the football star comes from a lovely family and is a smashing kid, very humble, quiet, and unassuming. If Rashford ever starts acting bigger than he should be, his brother Dwain will “slap him down,” Horrocks said.

Rashford’s move to the mansion in Wythenshawe is a clear indication of his love for his family and his desire to take care of them. Despite earning a massive salary, he has not let fame and fortune go to his head, and he remains grounded and down-to-earth.

His family’s move to the mansion may be a significant change for them, but Rashford has not forgotten his roots and continues to stay true to his humble beginnings.


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