The Supreme Leader Who Has An Influence On The World Is A Big Fan Of Manchester United

Italian Senator Antonio Razzi, who is said to have close ties to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, has revealed that Kim is very fond of Manchester United, one of the clubs with the largest fan base in the world, according to the newspaper.

The Sun on September 11. Besides, Mr. Kim also loves beautiful football and does not miss any major tournaments.
Mr. Razzi said Mr. Kim talked about his passion for football in private conversations between the two. During his time studying abroad in Switzerland, Mr. Kim is said to often go to Italy to watch matches at the San Siro stadium, the home ground of two clubs AC Milan and Inter Milan.

The North Korean leader also believes that many of the country’s players will develop and shine on the world stage because Pyongyang is on a steady progress.

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Kim Jong-un’s secret years in Switzerland
Teachers who have taught North Korean leader Kim Jong-un have shared many interesting stories about the period when he secretly studied in Switzerland, including the student’s interest in German rhymes.

Young talent Han Kwang-song recently played prominently in the colors of the Italian 2nd division club Perugia, which is considered one of the expected potentials.

In addition, Kim also confirmed that there will soon be many talented North Korean players playing in the English Premier League, according to Mr. Razzi.

This Italian senator caused a lot of controversy in Italian politics when he made statements in support of Kim Jong-un. He was repeatedly invited to visit the North Korean leader’s home and praised Kim and close officials as “wonderful people”.


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