Powerful Birth Photos Capture Mothers’ Raw Emotions As They Hold Their Babies For The First Time

Birth photographer, Monet Nicole Moutrie from Denver, Colorardo in the U.S. has been photographing child birth for the last eight years. In this incredible series of powerful photos she captures the joy, relief, love and sheer exhaustion that women feel in the first moments that they hold their newborn babies.


Monet became a birth photographer after witnessing and photographing her older sister’s last birth. After three hospital births, Monet’s sister decided to give birth at home and invited Monet to watch the process from start to finish.

“I didn’t have children of my own, and I was mesmerized by what the female body was capable of.”


Explaining how she began photographing childbirth Monet explains it was seeing her nephew enter the world.

“Taking photos of my sweet nephew’s first few hours of life was immensely rewarding. From that point forward, I knew I wanted to move into the realm of birth photography.”


When asked about why she enjoys most about photographing childbirth Monet explains there’s always plenty of surprises.

“Each birth is completely unique. Although births do tend to follow a pattern, they always manage to surprise us! When I get called to a birth, I know there are a thousand different possibilities. The variety is incredible and makes each birth just as exciting as the first one I shot.”


And what does Monet think about women after seeing so many bring life into the world?

“Women during childbirth are goddesses! They are connected to a power greater than us. It’s a wonder to behold.”


With a thousand of followers on social media eagerly liking Monet’s stunning birth images on a daily basis across Facebook and Instagram, we asked Monet why she sees sharing her photos as important.

“I share almost all of my birth stories (with client’s permission of course). I believe that we need to see images of women giving birth because it helps change our culture’s perception of the female body.”


The relief, exhaustion, joy and instant love parents feel at our children’s birth is an absolute life highlight. And to have that moment captured and treasured for a lifetime is a wonderful gift.

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