Jojo The Dolphin: The Beloved And Free Resident Of Turks And Caicos

If you’ve ever been to the islands of Turks and Caicos, chances are you’ve heard of Jojo. He’s a famous resident of the island, loved by locals and visitors alike.

Jojo is a wild dolphin who has made a home in the waters around the island, and he’s known for his friendly and playful nature.

Jojo has become something of a celebrity on the island, and for good reason. He loves to interact with people and will often swim right up to boats to say hello.

He’s even been known to ride the waves with surfers and subwing riders, cruising alongside them with ease. It’s an incredible sight to see him in action, with his little bit of confusion showing on his face as he tries to figure out how humans can do what they do.

At 35 or 40 years old, Jojo is no spring chicken, and you can see the age in his face. But he still enjoys playing in the water and interacting with people, especially the local dogs who he loves to play with.

He’s got a personality all his own, and you can tell that he’s more human-like than other animals.

Jojo is not just a beloved resident of the island, he’s also been instrumental in preserving its natural beauty. When plans were being made to build a dolphinarium on the island, locals and visitors alike came together to say no.

With Jojo as a symbol of the free and happy life that wild dolphins can lead, they were able to push back against the plans and keep the island a place where dolphins can roam free.

Jojo is a true icon of the island, and his story is one of resilience, playfulness, and freedom. If you ever find yourself in Turks and Caicos, keep an eye out for this friendly dolphin. You might just get the chance to say hello to him yourself.

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