‘It’s A MYTH!’: Rio Ferdinand Hits Back At Jamie Carragher For Claiming His Old Manchester United Team-mate Nemanja Vidic Struggled Against Fernando Torres… After The Pundit Insisted Virgil Van Dijk Was ‘far Better’ Than The Serbian

Rio Ferdinand has rejected Jamie Carragher’s claim that Virgil van Dijk was a ‘far better’ defender than Man United legend Nemanja Vidic.

The former Liverpool centre back called Van Dijk the ‘most impactful’ defender in Premier League history, and compared the Dutchman’s recent struggles to ‘poor seasons’ from Ferdinand and John Terry.

He also claimed Vidic had struggled against Fernando Torres, and the Serbian defender was sent off against Liverpool in 2009 in a 4-1 loss for United.

Ferdinand has hit back at his former England teammate’s claims, as he said on his Vibe with Five YouTube channel: ‘I see Jamie Carragher tweeted something about Van Dijk being better than Vidic. 

‘I think Torres scored three goals in 15 games against Vidic. It’s a bit of a myth, he had a couple of dodgy moments in those games and got sent off a couple of times and that’s been amplified into saying he got tortured every time he played against Torres which wasn’t the case.

Rio Ferdinand has hit out at Jamie Carragher's claim that Nemanja Vidic struggled against Fernando Torres

Rio Ferdinand has hit out at Jamie Carragher’s claim that Nemanja Vidic struggled against Fernando Torres

Ferdinand could not explain Virgil van Dijk's recent drop off

The former Manchester United defender hit out at Jamie Carragher's assertions about Vidic

‘[Marcus] Rashford’s got six goals in 13 games against Liverpool, does that mean he’s tortured Van Dijk?’

After challenging for the quadruple last season, Jurgen Klopp’s side have experienced a sizeable drop-off this year.


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