I Played For Man Utd And Posed For Fashion Ad With Beckham Before Switching Clubs And Having A Threesome With Team-mate

Former Manchester United winger Ben Thornley, who was once tipped to reach the top by Sir Alex Ferguson, had his career curtailed by a devastating knee injury.

Thornley made his Red Devils debut in the 1993-94 season, but his potential was cut short after suffering ligament damage in a reserve match against Blackburn.

The winger’s setback limited him to just nine appearances for United before moving on to Huddersfield in 1998. Despite enjoying the high life early on in his career and even posing with David Beckham in an advertising photoshoot,

Ben Thornley posed with David Beckham in an advertising photoshoot

Thornley’s career was plagued by injury and limited opportunities. However, it was his off-field antics that garnered attention in his autobiography, “Tackled.”

Thornley revealed that during his time at Aberdeen in 2001, he regularly went out drinking with his team-mates and even had a threesome with one of them and a woman they met at a local bar.

The winger was highly regarded in his youth

Describing the encounter as “surreal,” Thornley wrote, “It was the first and only time I’ve been with a girl and had another guy’s c*** in my face.” Despite his colorful past, Thornley remains a forgotten star from the Class of 92, which produced the likes of David Beckham, Gary Neville, and Paul Scholes.


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