How Man Utd Star Christian Eriksen’s Girlfriend Sabrina Gave Up Hairdresser Career To Become WAG Who Is Best Friends With Harry Kane’s Wife, As Couple Deny Affair Rumours

THIS week has been a tough one for Christian Eriksen and his girlfriend Sabrina Kvist Jensen.

The Tottenham player was forced to rubbish online rumours that Sabrina had cheated on him with married team-mate Jan Vertonghen.

 Sabrina, Chris and little Alfie in a recent Instagram
Sabrina, Chris and little Alfie in a recent InstagramCredit: Instagram
 Sabrina and Christian enjoy a stroll in Hampstead
Sabrina and Christian enjoy a stroll in HampsteadCredit: Xposure

Christian took to Twitter to blast the story as “bulls***” but the false claims are upsetting for Sabrina, 28, whose loyal and loving support is the basis of an unbreakable relationship.

Sabrina sacrificed her own life in Denmark to move to London, ditching her hairdressing career to become a WAG when 27-year-old Dane signed for Tottenham in 2012.

But having a partner who pockets £75,000 a week – or £3.9m a year – isn’t all bad.

The couple have shared romantic holidays in Dubai, Tanzinia and Malaysia in recent years as well as rubbing shoulders with Danish royalty.

They shun the wild parties of some of the premier league players and prefer quiet dinners with friends, including Harry Kane and wife Katie Woodland, and nights out at music gigs.

While other WAGS spend their days in beauty salons and shopping in designer stores, Sabrina keeps a low key existence, looking after one-year-old baby Alfie and sharing playdates with best friend Katie.

 The couple work out in their private gym
The couple work out in their private gymCredit: Instagram
 Chris and Sabrina met in 2012
Chris and Sabrina met in 2012Credit: Instagram @chriseriksen8
 Christian Eriksen and Jan Vertonghen
Christian Eriksen and Jan VertonghenCredit: Reuters

Quiet life in a £7m Hampstead mansion 

Christian has admitted that adjusting to life as a premier league player in London was difficult for both of them.

“You have to learn how to cope physically and mentally, but I can handle the pressure and the demands because I live seven days a week for my job,” he says.

“That is very tough for my girlfriend. Of course I would like to go out in the city with her and friends, but it just doesn’t fit in with playing in England.”

In 2016, Christian signed a new longterm contract with Spurs and splashed out on a mansion in Hampstead, where a five-bed house costs between £7m and £28m.

The player often posts pictures of the couple’s celebrations in the home – including his 26th birthday last year when he celebrated with a meal at home and was pictured with huge balloons of his initials and the number 26.

 Chris's 26th birthday celebrations at home
Chris’s 26th birthday celebrations at home
 Sabrina celebrates her birthday in August
Sabrina celebrates her birthday in AugustCredit: Instagram
 Snow in the garden of their Hampstead house
Snow in the garden of their Hampstead houseCredit: Instagram

Fine dining and a date with royalty

Even before becoming parents, the couple shunned red carpets and glitzy parties for intimate meals with their closest friends, Harry Kane and Katie Woodland.

Tottenham Striker Harry, 26, took the Danish player under his wing as soon as he joined the club and Sabrina and Katie became close friends very quickly.

They bonded further over their pregnancies, with Katie giving birth to daughter Ivy just four months after Alfie was born, and they regularly get together for play dates with the babies.

On couples’ nights out, they choose high end London restaurants including Zuma, in Knightsbridge or Aqua Shard – where a steak costs upwards of £40.

Sabrina and Christian also love live gigs, and were recently spotted singing along at a Major Lazer gig in London. The four friends recently got together for a Bruno Mars concert, too.

Although they swerve the limelight as much as possible, they do make exceptions for royals.

In 2014, they met the Danish Queen Magrithe II at an official bash in their native country, posting a glamorous picture from the event.

Chris wrote: “An absolute honour to meet the Queen of Denmark yesterday! A night to remember!”

 The couple after meeting the Queen of Denmark
The couple after meeting the Queen of DenmarkCredit: Instagram
 Christian on the pitch with buddy Harry
Christian on the pitch with buddy HarryCredit: Rex Features

Holidays in Dubai and a safari in Tanzania

The couple like to travel and are adventurous in their destinations.

In 2017, before Sabrina fell pregnant, they took an extended break in Tanzania, where they went on a luxury safari holiday, costing around £5000 a head.

The couple were thrilled to see elephants, rhinos and lions as well as enjoying some downtown on stunning golden beaches.

Other recent holidays have included Dubai, where they were pictured riding a camel, and Malaysia, where they stayed in Kuala Lumpur.

The romantic pair have also taken breaks in Rome and Amsterdam, where they visited Christian’s old Ajax haunts.

 Chris pictured with an elephant in Tanzania
Chris pictured with an elephant in TanzaniaCredit: Instagram
 The couple on a camel in Dubai
The couple on a camel in DubaiCredit: Instagram
 A short break to Amsterdam
A short break to AmsterdamCredit: Instagram
 Beach destinations are a favourite getaway too
Beach destinations are a favourite getaway tooCredit: Instagram

Romantic partner born on Valentine’s day

With a birthday on Valentine’s Day, it’s not surprising Christian likes to get a little slushy on his Instagram posts.

Every August he posts an anniversary picture, writing in 2017: “Five years with this incredible and wonderful person.”

In December 2017, the couple announced they were expecting their first child with a cute shot of themselves cuddling, with Chris holding the scan pic and Sabrina wearing a shirt reading “coming soon.”

He wrote: “Mum and dad to be. #proud” with a heart emoji.

And fatherhood has made him even more romantic.

On February 14, this year, he posted a picture of Sabrina and Alfie with the message: “My birthday, Valentines and any other day of the year crew.”

On holiday last year, he posted a picture of Sabrina kissing Alfie with the words: “Not enough love for these 2!”

 The pair announce Sabrina's pregnancy online
The pair announce Sabrina’s pregnancy onlineCredit: Instagram
 Eriksen's 'crew', Sabrina and Alfie
Eriksen’s ‘crew’, Sabrina and AlfieCredit: Instagram
 Sabrina joins her partner at a Spurs match
Sabrina joins her partner at a Spurs matchCredit: EPA
 Chris posted this with the words 'Not enough love for these 2'
Chris posted this with the words ‘Not enough love for these 2’Credit: Instagram

Rocked by fake ‘scandal’

The path of this true love was running smoothly until the cheating rumours put a bump in the road.

The original tweet spreading the fake news read: “Christian Eriksen’s wife has reportedly been caught having an affair with his team-mate Jan Vertonghen.”

But Christian stood by his partner, answering with a simple “Bulls***”.

The Tweet also claimed the Spurs squad were involved in a bust-up – with Harry Kane involved – attaching pictures of Jan Vertonghen sporting a black eye.

But Jan replied with a series of emojis, including a heart next to Christian’s Twitter handle.

The Sun revealed that the injury was instead from an ‘accidental’ training ground collision with Eriksen earlier this season.

Christian Eriksen blasts rumours Spurs team-mate Jan Vertonghen slept with his girlfriend and sparked dressing-room bust-up with Harry Kane

The vicious gossip would test any relationship but Christian has stuck by his girlfriend as steadfastly as she has always stuck by him.

 Christian with baby Alfie in a Daddy shirt
Christian with baby Alfie in a Daddy shirtCredit: Getty – Contributor
 Christian and Sabrina shopping in London
Christian and Sabrina shopping in LondonCredit: BackGrid


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