Fresh Footage Of Manchester United’s Lionel Messi And Wout Weghorst During An Incident With Lionel Messi At The Shocking World Cup

The resurfacing of footage from a World Cup incident has brought to light a row between Lionel Messi and Manchester United loanee Wout Weghorst. The altercation occurred after Argentina knocked the Netherlands out of the quarter-finals of the World Cup on penalties.

Messi had scored two goals to put Argentina 2-0 up before Weghorst scored two late goals to take the game to extra time.

Despite Argentina winning the shootout, tensions flared in the tunnel as Messi had some choice words for Weghorst, calling him a fool and telling him to leave. Another clip shows Weghorst explaining to a group of opposition players that he was waiting to shake Messi’s hand, calling the snub disrespectful. Future teammate Lisandro Martinez then pushed Weghorst away to de-escalate the situation.

Tiền đạo tuyển Hà Lan đổi thái độ với Messi - Thể thao

Messi spoke about the incident in January, saying that everything that came out was natural and that a lot had happened on the field with Weghorst and a couple of other players.

He acknowledged the tension and friction that can occur during a game, as well as the fevers with the referee. Weghorst was in the mixed zone after the game had just finished, and Messi knew that everything would now be blown out of proportion.

Lionel Messi opens up on famous 'bobo' row with Wout Weghorst

The incident shows how emotions can run high during a highly competitive sporting event such as the World Cup. While Weghorst may have been disappointed with the loss, he demonstrated sportsmanship by waiting to shake Messi’s hand.

Messi’s reaction may have been fueled by the intensity of the game and the pressure to perform at a high level. In the end, both players moved on from the incident and continue to compete at the highest level of professional football.


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