Christian Eriksen: The Next Sadio Mane? His Choice of iPhone 8 Plus Makes Headlines

Fans enjoyed the simple moment of Manchester United midfielder Christian Eriksen when interacting with fans.

On social networks, fans shared the moment Christian Eriksen used the iPhone 8 Plus to interact with his teammate Lisandro Martinez with fans.

Eriksen uses a simple cell phone.

As a star of Denmark and Manchester United with an income of more than 7m pounds, Eriksen sᴜrprised fans when using a phone model that was released 6 years ago.

The video shared by the Man United fan page shows signs of being blurred, proving that Eriksen’s iPhone camera is no longer good.

“He’s so simple,” one fan commented.

“Eriksen and Sadio Mane are role models for every player,” said the second.

“I don’t even remember the price of this phone,” said the third.

Eriksen is admired by many for his simple lifestyle

Eriksen went to Paris for the Laureus Sports Awards gala. Here, he was honored in the category “Most impressive comeback”.

The Danish midfielder once suffered a sтroke while attending the EURO and is wearing a defibrillator device but still shines in a Manchester United shirt.

Eriksen once had the ability to retire due to heart diseɑse

Last summer, Eriksen followed the invitation of coach Erik ten Hag to join the “Red Devils” on a three-year contract with a salary of £150,000 per week. Former Inter player with Casemiro, Bruno Fernandes formed a midfield trio to help MU unbeaten for most of the 2022/23 season.

Meanwhile, Lisandro Martinez was also present to join captain Lionel Messi to receive the Sports Team of the Year award.


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