Bruno Fernandes Continues Dream Year Since Man Utd Transfer After Announcing His Partner’s Second Pregnancy

Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes has announced that he and his childhood sweetheart, Ana Pinho, are expecting their second child. The 25-year-old Portuguese footballer joined the Red Devils in January 2020, in a £55 million deal from Sporting Lisbon.

Since his arrival, he has become a fan favourite and has enjoyed a remarkable start to his career at Old Trafford. Fernandes shared the good news on his Instagram account, posting a picture of his three-year-old daughter Matilde kissing Ana’s baby bump.

In the caption, he wrote, “Looks like I managed to tie the bills here at home. A baby boy on the way.” Fans were quick to offer their congratulations to the happy couple. Fernandes and Ana first started dating when they were both 16 years old and attended high school in Boavista.

I know I have a lot of responsibility.” The couple got married in December 2015 and welcomed their daughter Matilde in January 2017. Ana has previously revealed that Fernandes had to persistently ask her out before she agreed.

She said, “He tried a few times [to kiss me] and I always said ‘no’, and then I gave in. [It was] at school, it was just the two of us, it was in front of the school, there was a gum shop, that’s it.”.

As Fernandes prepares for the birth of his second child, Manchester United fans will be hoping that the midfielder continues to deliver on the pitch, helping the team achieve success in the upcoming seasons.


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