18 Great Stories ‘never Told’ That Make You Change Your Mind About Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is widely considered as one of the greatest footballers of all time. His impressive career achievements are well documented and celebrated,

but there are also some lesser-known stories about the Portuguese superstar that are equally fascinating. Here are 18 great stories ‘never told’ that will make you change your mind about Cristiano Ronaldo.

  1. His father was a heavy drinker who died of liver disease when Ronaldo was just 20 years old. This tragedy had a profound impact on the young footballer and he has since become an advocate for healthy living.
  2. Ronaldo was expelled from school at the age of 14 for throwing a chair at a teacher who had allegedly insulted him.
  3. As a teenager, Ronaldo used to work as a street sweeper to help his family make ends meet.
  4. In his early days as a professional footballer, Ronaldo was mocked by his teammates for his fashion sense and the way he spoke.
  5. When Ronaldo was 16, he was diagnosed with a racing heart condition that threatened to derail his career. He underwent surgery to correct the problem and went on to achieve greatness.
  6. In 2005, Ronaldo was playing for Manchester United when he was accused of raping a woman in a London hotel room. The case was eventually dropped due to a lack of evidence.
  7. Ronaldo is a devout Catholic and has been known to make the sign of the cross before taking to the field.
  8. In 2010, Ronaldo donated £100,000 to help fund a cancer centre at the hospital where his mother had been treated for breast cancer.
  9. Ronaldo has a close relationship with his son, Cristiano Jr., who was born in 2010 via a surrogate mother.
  10. Despite his success on the pitch, Ronaldo has been criticized for his perceived arrogance and lack of humility.
  11. In 2015, Ronaldo was awarded the prestigious Ballon d’Or award for the third time in his career.
  12. Ronaldo is a big fan of mixed martial arts and has trained with UFC fighter Conor McGregor.
  13. In 2016, Ronaldo helped Portugal win their first-ever major international tournament, the European Championships.
  14. Ronaldo has a passion for cars and has owned a number of high-end vehicles over the years.
  15. In 2017, Ronaldo was accused of tax fraud by Spanish authorities and was subsequently fined €18.8 million.
  16. Despite his wealth and success, Ronaldo has never forgotten his roots and often returns to his hometown of Madeira to visit his family.
  17. Ronaldo is a generous philanthropist and has donated millions of dollars to various charities over the years.
  18. In 2020, Ronaldo made headlines when he broke the world record for the most international goals scored by a male footballer.

These 18 stories shed light on the many different facets of Cristiano Ronaldo’s life and career. While some may argue that he is not always the most likable character, there is no denying his talent and his impact on the world of football. Love him or hate him, there is no denying that Ronaldo is one of the most fascinating and compelling figures in sports today.


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